Let's Roll A Storm

from Last Run by The Rebel Spell



We are ready to dive in head first
This world has provided only a deadly thirst
To live could be more than to destroy
But if we must let us reverse the direction in which we deploy

These days of disgusting leisure are on their way out
If you’ve got any sense at all, you should be buried in your doubt
There’s little left of what was used to be
Things you thought would last forever, are now anomaly
Standing on the edge of a cliff, reason starts to drift
One more step and you’ll be smashed to bits
Old instincts draw you into the abyss of junk
The wind is at our back but we still refuse to jump

Progress goes backwards, only time moves ahead
The roads are paved, not with gold but the dead
It’s time to sew these wounds in your head
Get ready to give up a piece of your bread

Settle in for television of the greatest fall
Watch the white collar get smaller and smile happily as the air runs out
It didn’t take a bible to know
What this has and would become now
Progression of nothing, progression of growth
What have we grown? A myth? Is it hope?
A garden of destruction, a crop so select
A one way monoculture, everything to reject

You can continue to smash your face
On the bars in search of grace
A pursuit of perfection without any rage
You have read a lot of books
But have you read what’s on the wall?
With no practice of action we do know that we are nothing

To live could be more than to destroy
But if we must, let us reverse the direction in which we deploy

Let’s roll a storm their way
We have a lot to gain
We’ve practiced on ourselves long enough
Let’s roll a storm their way


from Last Run, released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved



The Rebel Spell Vancouver, British Columbia

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